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However, there have been relatively few detailed assessments of single-grain OSL properties over high dose ranges.

Dose saturation represents a fundamental limitation for obtaining finite optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) quartz ages over Middle Pleistocene timescales.

The single-grain OSL results indicate that the main archaeological horizon at Cuesta de la Bajada (unit CB3) accumulated between 264 ± 22 and 293 ± 24 ka.

These ages are consistent with the chronologies of other key early Middle Palaeolithic sites in the region (Ambrona AS6 and Gran Dolina TD10) and indicate that the Ancient Middle Palaeolithic techno-complex likely spread across Iberia from at least Marine Isotope Stage 9 onwards.

This course encompasses all aspects of life science for middle school students.

You'll learn major life science theories before studying the characteristics of life, history of life on earth, ecosystems and animal behavior.